Reiki is known for its wellness benefits, but I wanted to share with you some major gifts I received from it that I didn’t expect when I began my Reiki journey.

1. Comfort in Being Touched – Bring on the Hugs!!

Before I began taking Reiki lessons, I was very uncomfortable with being touched. I didn’t want to be hugged and kept a wide personal space bubble around myself. Having people lay their hands on me was anxiety-producing. By the time I was at the Master Level, I couldn’t wait to get with my classmates and dive into those hugs! When I get on a Reiki table now, my mind goes to curiosity, peace, and gratitude, rather than squirming in insecurity or discomfort. Wow – I never would have thought!

2. Body Love – Wrinkles, Lumps, and All

I remember THE moment I realized just how beautiful and precious my body was. One of my classmates was on the Reiki table and a handful of us were working on various points of her body. I was by her right shoulder and as I had Reiki flowing to her, I noticed the wrinkles by her eyes. I noticed her freckles and skin tone, and the shape of her eyebrows. Besides my husband and my son, before then I had never studied a person so closely. I thought about how so many of us have hang-ups about some of those features – our wrinkles, splotchy coloring on our skin, stray hairs, and all of the other lumps, bumps, and whatnot. This thought flooded in that my classmate was absolutely beautiful and that none of what she might have perceived about herself as a flaw was the truth. The truth was that she was divinely created – created of love, and there is nothing that could make her less than perfect and beautiful. And that if that was true about her, then that was true about me too. It seems so trite, but it sang through me as a new revelation at that moment – a flipped switch. My body is just as sweet and wonderful and made of Love as my classmate’s. (And yours is too!)

3. Sharpened Intuition and Psychic Connection

Reiki is a practice in listening. You listen to the person you’re helping – not just to their words, but to their body and their soul. You listen not just with your ears, but with your body and your mind. I have seen all of my classmates and my students pick up on invisible information that showed them where or how to deliver Reiki, root causes for symptoms, or other signs and symbols. Before I began learning Reiki, I was already doing psychic readings, but Reiki became a new way to experience information, and a way to develop my ability to perceive health messages.

4. My First Spiritual Community

I’d been trying for a couple of years to find my way into spiritual community prior to Reiki. It constantly felt like I was hitting dead ends or being rejected. When I began learning Reiki, I quickly felt like I finally had a place I was welcomed and embraced. My amazing teacher, Kathleen McLean, created a space of community for us. It was not like taking a class; it was like gathering with your friends to try a crazy magical experiment and grow together. Kathleen taught us about opening and closing a circle, about connecting with Source and spiritual beings of all kinds, and plugged us in to other people, events, and opportunities for further spiritual and personal growth. The healing exchanges have continued to introduce me to new people and opportunities, and my own students in the classes I’ve taught have grown my spiritual community even more. I’m so grateful for this.

5. Friendships

The unconditional love shared in a Reiki community makes for some seriously beautiful friendships. Reiki brings trust. It brings sharing intimately of your thoughts and feelings. It brings emotional releases. It brings understanding and so much compassion. It brings mysterious adventures. It brings giggles! And all of these are the perfect recipe for friendship. Reiki brought people into my life that I wouldn’t have known otherwise and delivered the most wonderful gift: friends.

There are so many ways that Reiki heals and supports… ways you can’t even imagine right now.

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