Hi, Friends. We are in a weird time right now, and I’m not going to pretend like I’ve got answers or solutions, nor that I am functioning normally or “on my game.” I’ve struggled a lot through this global experience.

So instead, I’ll share a list of things that have been helpful for me – some a lot, some a little, and just clarify that none of it has been or is a fix-all or cure-all. If any of these are helpful for you, I’m grateful. If any of these are not for you, that’s all good too.

If you have any recommendations for things that have been helpful for you, please share! I’d be happy to add them to the list.

Things That Have Been Helpful

Catching up with old friends from around the country and globe over messenger and text
Talking about things other than the-virus-which-shall-not-be-named
Going for walks around the block with my son (we also went with neighbors – they stayed on one side of the street and we went on the other side of the street)
Anxiety medication
Clearing out my garden and starting seeds
Growing seeds in the house so we can watch their progress every day
Self-Reiki every day, multiple times a day
Shamanic healing session by Lori Andrus (thank you, Lori!)
Swapping funny memes with my neighbor, Kristin 
Releasing cords of attachment to fear (thank you for the suggestion, Tonya)
Being gratitude buddies with my friend, Jen (thank you for inviting me to do this, Jen!)
A video post by Glennon Doyle (thank you for posting, Heidi)
Eating lunch outside
Noticing insects and birds in my yard
Processing my dreams
Talking to my husband 
Being honest with others about how I’m feeling
Staying away from social media newsfeeds and news on TV
Staying home, except to pick up online orders from the grocery store
Eating more fruits and vegetables
Drinking only water and juice – NO caffeine or sugary drinks (they give me the same physical feeling in my chest as anxiety)
Religiously taking daily multivitamin and adding immune-boosting vitamins and supplements into my routine as well (thank you for the recommendations, Brandi)
Allowing myself not to complete things
Allowing myself not to plan things
Allowing myself not to “hustle”
Allowing myself not to touch my to-do list
Stepping back from 90% of my work and only focusing on my Reiki class
Taking naps when I need to
Getting fully dressed every day and keeping up with my hygiene routines
Trying a new simple art projects with my son, even if I don’t finish them
Not spending money except on groceries and other necessities
Shaman’s Dream Station on Pandora
Keeping track of the little things each day – books read, funny things my son said or did, special mail and gifts received or sent, movies or TV shows watched, favorite foods and drinks, etc. 
Playing Nintendo Wii with my husband and son – my favorite is being the vocalist on Beatles Rockband
Taking photos
Surrounding myself, my husband, and my son with protective white light bubbles
Putting my laptop in the office so I’m not tempted to look at it every minute
Disinfecting all grocery packages and washing fruits and vegetables with a produce cleaner I found at Campbell’s Nutrition awhile back
Withdrawing my application to do readings at a big public event next month
Checking in with my intuition with any questions or concerns throughout the day
Going by a menu for lunches and dinners so we know what we’re going to make when it’s time and no energy is spent trying to figure it out
? Interesting and uplifting virtual series like Hay House’s “Radical Remission” docu-series (now over) and Greg Peterson and his “Urban Farm U” daily gardening classes
Saying “I love you”