Podcast: Sharing About My Family’s Experience with Covid with Lisa Renee of GingerMysteries

This past year has been an experience of trauma upon trauma on our individual and collective levels. I believe that talking about it – sharing our stories, sharing our fears, sharing our experiences will pave the way to our individual and collective healing.
Lisa Renee of GingerMysteries invited me on her podcast, Transcending the Ordinary, where she has been chatting with guests about their experiences with the pandemic. I’d love to invite you to listen in as Lisa and I chat about my family’s experience with Covid. I also share about the guilt and shame I’ve felt around not being able to emotionally cope, despite the fact that my family came through the illness well.
Wherever you are in this period that we’re going through, support is available and love abounds.

Transcending the Ordinary Podcast: My Family's Experience with Covid

by Lisa Renee and Amber Diehm Heuer