I thought it might be helpful during my Do Something Good Challenge to compile a list of ideas that might give you some inspiration for your own good deeds.

I’d love to hear from you about the good things you’re doing. Drop me a line and tell me all about it!

Inspiring Ideas to Do Something Good

? Make a meal for a neighbor.
? Purchase something from a teacher’s wish list.
? Send new parents something from their baby registry.
? Tip your server more than 15%.
? Put a bucket of individual snack bags (chips, pretzels, etc.) and bottled water by your mailbox for your mail carrier and other delivery people.
? Put things you want to get rid of on a table next to your curb with a sign that says “FREE STUFF”.
? Set up a Little Free Library, Little Free Pantry, or Little Free Seed Library.
? Create a pollinator garden. Don’t forget to include milkweed!
? Host a BIPOC book drive for your community school or public library.
? Weed your elderly neighbor’s flower bed (with their permission and guidance).
? Designate a charity on AmazonSmile and only place Amazon orders through AmazonSmile.
? Make a list of charities and non-profits you love and send a donation each month to one of them.
? Follow your favorites charities and non-profits on social media and when you see them post specific needs, send something to them.
? Work with neighbors to trap a stray dog and take it to the animal shelter.
? Take a bag with you when you go on a walk and pick up the trash you see during your route.
? Purchase a gift card, take it into the store it’s for, and give it to someone shopping there.
? Celebrate your birthday by doing acts of kindness – try to do the number of years you are! (For example, 44 acts of kindness on your 44th birthday.)
? Send a care package to a college student or exchange student.
? Call a friend who’s been going through something difficult and lend your support.
? Take a friend out (or invite them over) to celebrate their birthday, promotion at work, new job, or other great news.
? Set up a bird feeding and bathing station in your yard.
? Buy from a local small business instead of a big box store or amazon.
? Allow a fellow driver to go first.
? Write a thank-you note to your favorite former teacher, boss, or coach, or someone else who made an impact on you.
? Learn CPR.
? Ask friends and family to forgo gift-giving for birthdays and holidays and instead give you specific items that you can donate to your favorite cause/non-profit instead. (Example: dog/cat food to give the animal shelter.)
? Install the Box Tops for Education app on your phone and designate a school. Each time you shop for groceries, scan your receipt in the app so the school can receive the Box Tops rewards. (It adds up over time!)