Roots of Your Business

A Workbook for Spiritual + Holistic Entrepreneurs to
Clarify, Deepen, and Strengthen Your Business’ Purpose
Using Your Personal Gifts and Life Experiences

Elevate your spiritual or holistic business with the “Roots of Your Business” workbook. Dive deep into the essence of your business’ Purpose and Being, aligning its energy centers for clarity and strength. Discover how to overcome challenges, fears, and miscommunication by balancing your business’ Root Center.

Whether you’re just starting out in business and are trying to clearly identify your work in the world, or whether you’ve been in business for awhile but feel somehow out of touch with it, coming into and rebalancing the Root Center will lay the foundation for all other facets of your business.

This Workbook Will Cover:

• A brief rundown of the energy center system 
• What aspects of life and business correspond with the Root Center
• Your gifts and life experiences that may be missing from your business and how you can weave them into your work in the world

Roots of your business

This Workbook is for You if Any of the Following Apply:

• You are a spiritual / holistic entrepreneur or you want to start a spiritual / holistic business
• You do not yet have a mission or vision statement for your business
• You feel like your gifts are not being fully shared or tapped into in your business or work
• You’re not sure HOW your gifts and life experiences can best be utilized to earn income
• You struggle to clarify exactly what you do and exactly who you serve (hint: if you are saying you serve “everybody,” you are in this category)

You Can Use This Workbook To:

• Communicate your vision, mission, and business purpose clearly on your social media profiles, website, and other marketing
• Create aligned income streams and offerings using your gifts and life experiences
• Tailor your marketing to a specific clientele so that you can best serve them

Ready to Deepen and Strengthen the Roots of Your Business? Purchase the Workbook Here: