Psychic Readings

Notice About My Availability

I am available for psychic readings exclusively on Thursdays between 9 am and 6 pm CST. Appointments must be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance, and payment is required at the time of booking.

Unlock Insights and Guidance

Are you seeking guidance and clarity in various aspects of your life? Experience the transformative power of a psychic reading!

At Soul Bright Visionary, I specialize in providing readings that illuminate your path and bring joy to your health, family, relationships, work, personal development, and more. These readings are designed to offer support and direction, aligning your choices and actions with your highest good.

Where in your life could you use more ease and joy? Let’s explore together.

Please note, I do not offer predictions about pregnancy, death, or provide legal, financial, or medical advice. While I can connect with loved ones who have passed (mediumship), please understand that this connection is not guaranteed.

Steps to Schedule Your Reading

1. Schedule Your Reading

Choose 30-minute session from the options.

2. Pay for Your Reading

This link is for a 30-minute reading.

What to Expect

During your personalized psychic reading, you can anticipate:

  • Deep Insights: Gain clarity on your life’s journey, relationships, unique gifts, and spiritual growth.
  • Compassionate Guidance: Receive empathetic, non-judgmental support from an experienced psychic.
  • Spiritual Connection: Tap into the wisdom of your higher self and spiritual guides.
  • Personalized Insights: Explore the questions and areas that matter most to you.
  • Healing Energy: Experience a sense of renewal as you gain insight.

Questions to Consider

Wondering what to ask during your reading? Here are some questions you might find helpful:

  • How can I best support my health at this moment? What insights should I know about it?
  • How can I better support my family/partner in our current situation? What guidance is available?
  • Which option is most suitable for me/us?
  • What unique gifts do I possess?
  • How can I effectively utilize my gifts for the benefit of others?
  • Is it the right time to make a career change?
  • What insights can you offer regarding my current career situation?
  • What’s the next step in my personal, professional, or spiritual development?
  • Who are my spirit guides, and what animal spirit guides are with me now?
  • What messages would my guides like to convey to me?

Booking Your Psychic Reading

I conduct psychic readings over the phone. Occasionally I offer Psychic Pop-Ups or readings at expos and fairs. Check my Upcoming Events page for details on these opportunities.

  1. Scheduling: To book a reading, use the online scheduler on this page. Please note that the dates and times shown on the schedule are the only ones available.
  2. Payment: After scheduling, make your payment within 30 minutes to secure your time slot.
  3. Email Confirmation: You will receive an email with dial-in information within one business day.
  4. Preparation: Before the call, jot down your questions or areas of focus. There’s no need to share them in advance. Feel free to engage with your spirit team as you wish!
  5. The Reading: We will both dial into my teleconferencing line at the designated time. I will wait for up to 5 minutes past your scheduled time, after which you will be considered a no-show.
  6. Recording: I can record the call for your convenience, so you can relax and be present during the reading. A replay/download link will be sent to you after our session.
  7. Privacy: Our call is confidential, and you can ask questions and share openly.
  8. Follow-up: Please keep in touch if you’d like! Hearing about the impact of your reading is always appreciated. I recommend waiting at least 1-3 months between readings on the same topic to allow for changes to unfold.

Invest in Your Spiritual Growth

Psychic readings offer an investment in your personal and spiritual growth. Each reading helps you discover your inner light, connect with your spiritual essence, and unlock endless possibilities.

Join My Community

By booking a psychic reading with me, you become part of a community of spiritually open-minded individuals. People who seek meaning, connection, and a deeper understanding of their lives.

Booking a psychic reading will also subscribe you to my email newsletter.

Unlock Your Path

Ready to gain insight and embrace the power of your inner light? Schedule your psychic reading now and take a meaningful step toward a more profound, joyful, and spirit-full life.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do you (Amber) receive information?
I receive psychic information in pretty much every way. Most often, I may see an image in my mind (clairvoyance), hear a word or phrase (clairaudience), or there will be just a knowing if the information I’m supposed to share (claircognizance). I sometimes will also feel sensations or emotions (clairsentience). I do not use Tarot or oracle cards, charts, runes, nor any other tool, and no crystal ball here! (Though I LOVE the emoji!) At in-person readings, I do not touch you, nor do I touch any of your personal items.

2. How long have you (Amber) been aware of your psychic ability?
I became aware of my psychic abilities in early 2013, and I started offering readings as part of my business within a year.

3. How can I develop my own psychic sense?
To develop your psychic abilities, I recommend reading “The Psychic Pathway” by Sonia Choquette (affiliate link) and participating in local spiritual events and classes. Practice is crucial.

4. What do you mean by “spirit team”?
When I refer to a “spirit team,” I mean guides, angels, loved ones on the other side, your higher self, and the universal source.

5. What if I don’t have a specific question in mind?
I like to relate this question to the idea of going to a library and asking a librarian for some information. The librarian says, “Sure! What would you like information about?” You say, “I don’t know. Whatever you think.” The librarian reaches for the nearest book and hands it to you. Yes, it has lots of information in it, but will you walk away feeling fulfilled? Well, maybe. It could end up being one of those books that blows your mind and changes your trajectory! But also, it could be a 3-star read that was fine at the time, but you forget about by next week.

If you don’t have a specific question or area of life in mind, I can always open up to whatever information comes through. Often, it will be information about YOU – who you are at your essence and what gifts you bring into the world. This is totally fine by me, by the way! It never fails to fascinate me, getting to know you in such a personal way! But I want this to be what YOU want and need it to be, so if there’s something you’re really wanting to look at, let’s get straight at it!

6. Are readings confidential?
Your personal identity and identifying information is never shared. Readings can be fascinating and meaningful to me and others, and I may, at times, share in emails, social media, blog posts, or other materials about a message or information that stood out to me during your reading, but it will never contain any identifying information about you, and when possible, I will still ask in advance if it’s okay with you that I share about it.

7. Can the reading be recorded?
If you have a phone reading with me using my teleconferencing line, you have the option for me to record it and email you the replay link afterward. If you have an in-person reading with me, I do not record, but you are welcome to.

8. What if you (Amber) don’t connect with my spiritual team during the reading or provide accurate information?
While rare, if I cannot connect with your spirit team, I will issue a full refund. Variations in connections can occur.

9. Are there age restrictions?
There are no age restrictions for readings. Minors under 18 require a parent/guardian’s presence.

10. How often can I get a reading?
The frequency of readings is entirely up to you. Waiting at least 1-3 months between readings on the same topic is recommended.