Do Something Good Challenge

❤️ Love humanity (most of the time anyway!)
❤️ Delight in showing others they are cared about
❤️ Have to wipe your eyes after watching videos of people doing acts of kindness (those “free hugs” videos – amiright??)
❤️ Are happy to roll up your sleeves and help where you see a need
❤️ Are frequently told you have a “heart of gold”
❤️ Can name at least 3 causes or nonprofits that you appreciate
❤️ Relate to any of the Care Bears

We are about to throw love around like confetti!

The Do Something Good Challenge will have us planting kind deeds all over our communities for 5 days. Wherever you are in the world, you are invited to join in the heart-warming, positive-impact FUN!

Each day of the Do Something Good Challenge, I’ll send you a short email with 1 of 5 steps to doing something good, whether short term or long term. 

In the meantime, you have the opportunity to choose for yourself how you’d like to show up in the world each day. You might:
❤️ Do a random act of kindness
❤️ Give time, money, or goods to a nonprofit or other cause
❤️ Help a neighbor, friend, or family member
❤️ Take steps toward a longer-term good deed

The point is: Let’s DO SOMETHING GOOD! Let’s do it! Let’s do it! Let’s do something good!

Sign up for the challenge by entering your name and email address into the form on this page! (Of course it’s free to participate!)