Amplify Activism with a Blessing Box

There’s a lot going on in the world that needs attention and healing. We see examples all across our planet, within our communities, within our families, and within our selves.

Sometimes, especially for sensitive souls, the needs and the troubles around and within us can feel overwhelming. We may not know how to help, especially when there seems to be so much that is urgent and important.

Sometimes things feel like too much all at once, or too big to be able to impact.

Here’s what I recommend:
1. Start with putting everything into a Blessing Box.
2. Take a deep breath.
3. Ask your higher self or your spiritual source, “What is 1 thing, in alignment with my highest good and best interest, that I can do right now to be of service to the needs around me?”
4. Take action on that 1 thing.
5. Repeat as you feel compelled.


Start with the Blessing Box!

What’s a Blessing Box?

You may have heard of this as a “Prayer Box,” “God Box,” “Reiki Box,” “Wish Jar,” or any number of related terms. Regardless of what it’s called, the idea is that you place a wish, thought, prayer, or intention into a container and the energies will help to manifest it, (as long as it’s in alignment with the highest good and best interest of all involved).

When you use a Blessing Box, you can send healing energy to whatever you place inside!

In this free 7-day program you’ll learn to work with a Blessing Box and begin using it on specific situations in the world around us. I believe that action + energywork can make big changes, AND help us feel like we have a say in our lives and the world around us.

What miracles could happen in 1 week?

During the 7 days, I’ll send an email each day with instructions and prompts for that day.

While prior experience with energywork is certainly beneficial, it is not at all required. You will learn how to clear and bless your container and everything you put inside!

Join me in amplifying YOUR activism with a Blessing Box! Sign up for free by popping your name and email address into the box at the top right of the page!